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Thursday, August 9th, 2007
10:05 pm
We arrived in Barcelona on Tuesday evening where we had the joy of discovering that we would be using a rail replacement bus(a term that I am all too familiar with) for part of the metro journey between the city centre and our hotel.

On Wednesday I was, to say the least, disappointed at the wet weather. However, I had no reason to be disappointed for long, as the clouds soon dispersed to reveal a beautiful blue sky.

We have done a lot of things since arriving in Barcelona (for more details check out the journal's of ringbark or vivh), but the highlight for me would probably have to be the cable car taking us across the harbour. There are many beautiful sights in this world, but few compare to that of the golden light of the sun glittering softly off a harbour of deep blue.

Despite liberally applying sunblock today, I still managed to burn the backs of my legs which I missed.

Current Mood: tired
Monday, April 9th, 2007
7:08 pm
Welcome to Munich
It has been a long time since my last journal entry, but here it goes... This line seems to precede a majority of my live-journal entries which leads me to think that I should post more often. However, I probably will not.

We left Liverpool Lime Street Station on what I believe was the 1:50 train but I have no doubt ringbark or vivh will correct me if I am mistaken.

After 5 hours of somewhat dull travel through the very flat English countryside which is so very different from the countryside of New Zealand that I am so used to we arrived in Ely where we spent about 20 minutes. I have not visited many places with 3 letter names and if Ely is anything to go by I will not be going out of my way to visit any more! Enough said about Ely.

We then caught another train to Stansted airport where we checked in to the Hilton hotel. After we had checked in and made ourselves comfortable in our rooms we went down for dinner at the hotel restaurant. I had a steak which was very nice, but surely not twice as nice as any steak I have had before as the price would have been seeming to suggest. We then retired to our rooms to get some much needed sleep for the 5:30 wake up the following morning.

Wake up at 5:30 we did and made our way to the airport. We decided to eat breakfast at Franky and Benny's where my delicious breakfast was interrupted by none other than a boarding call for our flight. I spent most of the flight in a light slumber but did wake up momentarily to gaze upon the English channel which was glistening beautifully in the sun.

Once we arrived in Munich the rest of the day was spent eating ice cream, looking at nice buildings, wandering around aimlessly wondering where we were and other exciting things like that.

My brothers and I(got ya there ringbark >_>) had burger king to eat before coming to our hotel and having a swim in the hotel pool which was as big as it was warm.

That's all for now, but I really need to make myself some more live-journal icons. =]

Current Mood: relaxed
Monday, November 6th, 2006
10:58 pm
And The Clock Ticks On
Another day goes by and my mock exams are approaching at a rapid rate. Nothing hugely interesting happening in my life but everything is rolling along fairly smoothly...

I swear Christmas comes earlier every year and I am left wondering what I am going to get for everybody.

Today I attended a cell of my Youth Group which was quite enjoyable though I accidentally took a detour to Port Sunlight Village on the way there.

In business studies we are participating in a nationwide competition where everybody is given 100,000 theoretical pounds to invest in a theoretical stock market which is based on the real one. Though it does not hugely interest me in itself I think the concept is a great idea. I don't expect our team will win anything, but it should be fun to compete with buying and selling shares and trying to predict what will do well and what will do... Not so well.

So, life goes on, day by day. Some days more interesting than others. Well that's it for now, hope you enjoyed it because next time might be a long time away...

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, November 5th, 2006
10:27 pm
Money To Burn...
It never ceases to amaze me that on the 5th of November every year in remembrance of a failed terrorist attack that people see fit to blow up huge amounts of explosives in a colorful, loud and very extravagant, waste of money...

Why do we celebrate stopping someone blowing something up by blowing up 1000 fold that every year?

Just seems sort of ironic to me...
Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
9:32 am
Train --> Tube
Yesterday we got up and hauled our suitcases to the train station. We then got a train to Liverpool Lime Street and from there got a further train to London Euston. Overall the train journey was pleasant and relaxing. Once we arrived in London we made our way to the hotel via a series of different tube and overground networks which was made considerably more difficult by the 2 clunky suitcases we had with us.

We chilled at the Hotel for a bit getting used to our rooms and decided we would go and see We Will Rock You. So.. we made our way back into town and had dinner at a lovely steakhouse before watching We Will Rock You. It was a very enjoyable performance with a slighly thin plot made p for by great acting, great lines and spectacular music. I even got a t-shirt!

More next time.

Current Mood: aggravated
Sunday, July 23rd, 2006
5:02 pm
Long time, no update
Well, tomorrow I am heading off on holiday again! This time to France. I am looking forward to it and can't wait to be there. France would be such a nice place if it wasn't so full of French people...

Hopefully the weather is good allowing us to explore without getting soaked. So, I am brushing up on my French skills ( not really) and preparing for the trip.

In other news it is summer holidays and are enjoying incredibly hot weather by English standards. Not that I'm complaining. ;)

Until next time, au revoir.

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, May 11th, 2006
7:37 pm
It's been a long long time....
I was looking through my favourites page and I discovered this strange site called Livejournal. I wondered how it had gotten there so I clicked on the link and arrived at this mystreious website. Lo and behold, I have an account here. So, I decided it was time for an update.

Perhaps, the reason I haven't been updating much is my life is so boring. School is so repetitive day after day and week after week. Sure, we learn new stuff, but a huge amount of it is useless garbage which I will spend the rest of my life trying to forget. I really wish I could just drop the subjects in which I have no skill or interest and focus my attention on succeeding in the things that I consider important. I guess I have to wait for 6th form, but it seems like such a waste of time learning something you are never gonna use.

I've grown quite a bit and am pretty much completely settled in at my new school and have a great set of new friends. But no matter how much I hang around these people, join in with their culture or listen to their music, at times I still feel like an alien. For someone who was born in Port Vila, bought up in New Zealand and is living in England who knows where I can call home?

I've still been playing Age Of Empires a lot and am still enjoying it and talking to some of the great people I've met while playing it.

Oh the wonders of life... And as the time quickly approaches when I have to think about my future I still have no idea what I want to do, where I want to go or how I'm going to do it.

Current Mood: Reflective
Sunday, March 12th, 2006
9:02 am
Snow! In March?
I woke up this morning to see the ground enveloped in a thick white sheet of beautiful snow. I remember sheaj34 saying just last night that it would snow a bit but it would almost certainly not stick. Guess she'll have to eat her words :P

In other news, I just had my modular exams for science and they seemed to go reasonably well. Can't wait for easter though.

Until next time, be seeing you.
Saturday, February 25th, 2006
6:33 pm
New York New York
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You also appreciate a good amount of grit - and very little shocks you.
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Sunday, January 15th, 2006
9:49 pm
I don't normally post the results for these but I thought this test was brilliant. It got me in a nutshell.

Your Personality Profile

You are elegant, withdrawn, and brilliant.
Your mind is a weapon, able to solve any puzzle.
You are also great at poking holes in arguments and common beliefs.

For you, comfort and calm are very important.
You tend to thrive on your own and shrug off most affection.
You prefer to protect your emotions and stay strong.

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
12:59 pm
Back to school...
11 days holiday for christmas... I am extremely disappointed and after the 6 week holiday in New Zealand at christmas it seems so darn short. Combine that with the fact that the sun sets at about 4 most days and it's great. I wish I could say I'm looking forward to going back to school and in some ways I guess I am. It'll be good to see my friends again and get out a bit more, but in lots of ways I prefer to sit at home and indulge in leisure activities of my choosing. (Usually playing on the computer.) Well that's about all from me. Everyone have a happy new year.

Current Mood: okay
Monday, December 12th, 2005
9:56 pm
My first entry since I was in Coventry!
It has been a long while since my last Live journal entry and I hope to keep my posts more regular from now on. I have settled into my new school now and it is coming up to the end of term. I can't wait for christmas! On Saturday we went and saw Narnia, which I thought was very good and the good story was backed up with nice scenery and special effects. Hoping to go and see King kong next weekend whether Viv can make it or not, I'm sure I can find some friends who'd be happy to come along with me.

Recently I have been playing a lot of Age of Empires 3 and I'm not bad with a winning percentage of 60 and 100 or so games under my belt. Wow it really is that many. But I am enjoying it so it can't be all bad and I plan to continue until I find something better to occupy my time.

Since my last post not really much of significance has happened. Just going to school, making new friends and wasting phenomenal amounts of time on the computer. Well I suppose it has gotten colder and the daylight has become almost non-existent. (quite depressing really) But to brighten up the cold season we will soon be joined here by David. It will seem different having him back after six months and I had almost gotten used to him not being there.

Well, that's my attempt at a decent entry. Hope to write again soon.


Current Mood: complacent
Saturday, August 6th, 2005
7:52 pm
We have just spent 2 days in London and done all sorts of interesting things. From meeting all kinds of interesting people made of wax, to flying at a great altitude in the worlds highest observation wheel. We also saw The Mousetrap which was very fine. Today we arrived in Birmingham which I am told has changed beyond recognition since vivh and ringbark were last here. We have had the misfortune to book a hotel in Coventry at the very time when the train line between Birmingham and Coventry is undergoing routine maintenance, so instead of a 20 minute train trip between the 2, it is a 1 hour bus trip. :-( Aside from that, it has been quite a lot of fun.

Current Mood: okay
Friday, July 29th, 2005
11:25 am
New Places
I have now been in the UK for 22 days and am beginning to know my way around. Yesterday I persuaded ringbark to order our computer. Over the course of the past couple of weeks I have taken several trips into Liverpool and Birkenhead and I have met some new people including Ben's friends.As our rubbish slowly replaces Grandmothers rubbish this house is beginning to feel more like our own. Yesterday we ordered a skip and threw away a huge amount of rubbish that has been accumalating in the garage as we clear the house. For the most part we have had beautiful weather, but yesterday the weather was rather less good. That's all for now.


Current Mood: calm
Thursday, July 7th, 2005
3:09 pm
What a day
Today started early with me waking up at five and us heading to Munich airport. After a croissant for breakfast I took a very ordinary flight to London Heathrow. When we arrived in London we headed to the tube to discover it was closed due to a major power failure, or so they thought. As we took a taxi to our hotel the radio made it clearer and clearer the true nature of the events.

I personally am shocked by the attack, but not surprised that an attack did take place. It sounds like the situation is under control and the emergency services resonded rapidly and efficiently. Parts of London seem bustling with activity, sirens, policemen and armed soldiers in number. However in other areas of London it seems eerily quiet.

Never did I think I would be so close to such an attack. Apparently Al Quaeda has claimed responsibility for the attack. I wonder how we will get up to Wirral tomorrow if the buses and trains are still suspended.

That's all for now.


Current Mood: shocked
5:59 am
One more day
After a lovely day in Munich in which we bought ice-cream looked at a variety of buildings I am to tired to remember the names of and vivh bought some postcards (as she does). I can now say that I have visited Mc Donalds in Munich, New Zealand, Los Angeles and New York all on this one trip!

Tomorrow, a very early start and then on to London. I am really looking forward to being back in England, so many places to go, so many people to meet. But it will also be stressing picking up a new lifestyle and way of being. In time, I will no doubt adapt and it will feel as much like home as the Hutt Valley did, or Hastings did before that. What new and wonderful surprises await me? I'll be glad to see sheaj34 Ben and Nana again.

That's all for now.


Current Mood: good
Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
10:31 pm
Live from an aeroplane I am posting this entry. After several days at Disneyland and DCA with gourgeous weather and cloudless skies seldom to be found in New Zealand I headed on to New York where we saw the Statue of Liberty went up the Empire State building and looked at 9-11 memorials. New York is such a beautiful city. I wish I could spend more time there. On the way to Munich and after that London. I'll write more soon. (I hope) That's all for now.


Current Mood: excited
Saturday, July 2nd, 2005
2:33 am
In Los Angeles
I don't have long to type now. But to cut a long story short after a long flight we have arrived in Los Angeles and last night went up to Universal City and had a good time. Today we are going to Universal Studios which should be lots of fun. I'll write again soon. That's all for now.


Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, June 14th, 2005
8:44 am
I won a debate
Yesterday I had an impromptu debate against HIBS. The moot of the debate was that Auckland should be the capital city of New Zealand. We were affirmimg and we won, with me as best speaker. Sixteen days until we leave. The suspense is killing me. Apart from that my life is pretty boring, but moving to the other side of the world will undoubtedly change all that. That's all for now.

Thursday, June 9th, 2005
6:15 am
So little time, so much to do!
My time in New Zealand is drawing to a close. I have so many people to say goodbye to.(and try and get some contact details for) At least I will be going over to an English summer which has got to beat a New Zealand winter. I did my entrance papers for Wirral not so long ago. But they were not the 11+'s I was expecting, but some year 9 and 10 exams and a verbal reasoning test. I think I did well, but will be a bit on edge until I actually get a result. Oh well, no point worrying about that now. I will savour my last few weeks in this country, which I have lived in for the better part of my life. That's all for now.


Current Mood: sad
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